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The Altair Health Concussion Center


The Altair Health Concussion Center keeps athletes healthy and safe through expert evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Whether you’re a patient, parent, coach or health care provider, our highly experienced, skilled medical and professional staff can help you take the appropriate precautions to prevent a concussion. And when one occurs, we quickly respond, minimizing the risks and facilitating the safe, confident return to play.

Our concussion protocol includes preseason testing for athletes, detailed screening, assessment – including computerized neuropsychological testing, CT scans or MRIs to detect bleeding in the brain and assessment of the level of injury to the central nervous system. While standard treatment involves rest to allow the brain to heal and prevent additional injuries, we design custom treatment plans that enable the athlete to return to his or her best in the safest way.


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47% of all reported sports concussions occur during high school football.

Young athletes need plenty of rest, lots of fluids, and a healthy diet to avoid a concussion. If you suspect a concussion, seek medical help right away.

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