Comprehensive Pain Rehabilitation

Depending on your acute or chronic pain condition, daily activities may be too difficult to tackle, your occupation too taxing to maintain, and recreation too excruciating to enjoy. Comprehensive pain rehabilitation can reduce the impact pain has on your quality of life. In fact, pain rehabilitation is centered on helping patients learn to live an active life with relief from pain. At our pain management center, we apply an interdisciplinary approach to long-term pain management, meaning we may recommend a combination of treatments, such as chiropractic care and steroid injections, in certain cases. Whether your condition is acute or chronic, or due to injury, disease, or surgical procedure, the physicians at our pain management center will determine if pain rehabilitation is the best treatment approach. If so, they will establish an individualized pain rehabilitation program from the list of available services that follow.

Physical, Occupational, and Behavioral TherapyUsing passive and active therapies to reduce pain, increase flexibility, build strength, and improve posture
Assistive DevicesStraight cane, quad cane, standard walker, rolling walker, manual wheelchair, power wheelchair

Not only are the services listed above complementary to other forms of pain management and treatment, in some instances, they have been proven effective replacements for long-term medications and surgery. The healthcare professionals within our network and our pain management physicians work together on a regular basis to evaluate your acute or chronic pain condition, develop a customized rehabilitation program, and monitor your progress. Using a team approach, we strive to improve your physical function, decrease your pain when possible, and help you gain the skills needed to manage your pain for life.

Contact us and through our interdisciplinary pain management physicians, we’ll help determine if comprehensive pain rehabilitation is the right choice for you, and if so, provide you with referrals to the rehabilitation professionals within our network.