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  • Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation Provides Relief for Sally Sherren’s Severe Back Pain

A car accident left Sally Sherren with intense back pain. No amount of medication or physical therapy provided any relief. That all changed when Sally tried Nevro’s HFX Spinal Cord Stimulation system on a trial basis. Sally then had the system permanently implanted – and like the majority of HFX patients – she’s back to living pain free. Read Sally’s story and learn how Dr. Michael Rudman has enabled her to enjoy life’s simple pleasures once again.

In Her Patients’ Shoes

Neurosurgical nurse practitioner Beth Karasin shares her personal experience undergoing spine surgery

“I Feel Like a Miracle”

With a chronic stiff neck, sporadic numbness in her arms and anxiety about what was really at play, Suzan Kip of Summit, New Jersey knew she needed medical attention. What she didn’t know was that her neck, or cervical spine, was so severely damaged that she was actually at risk of becoming a quadriplegic.

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