Patient Now Pain Free Thanks to HFX™ for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Bill Crotty“I have way more confidence now that I have my Nevro implant,” Bill shared. “I took Gabapentin for 22 years. All that changed when I got the HFX™ for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy (PDN) implant on January 7, 2022. With the sharp, stabbing, burning pains from diabetic neuropathy now gone, I am COMPLETELY off Gabapentin.”

Diagnosed with diabetes in 1995, Bill began suffering from PDN of both feet in 2000. “The pain gradually got worse, and the doses of Gabapentin kept increasing,” he explains. “The side effects left me foggy and not on top of things like I should have been.”

Bill did not get relief from his pain until Dr. Richard P. Winne, Jr., an interventional pain management expert with Altair Health, recommended an HFX trial in December 2021.

“During my trial with the Nevro device, my pain was nearly gone, and I didn’t need to take Gabapentin once!,” Bill continued. “The trial proved it was worth moving forward with the implant.

Now that I have my permanent implant, I’m sleeping better, and my balance while walking has improved! Before Nevro, I could hardly get up out of my chair, and I was very dizzy from medications. Now I live a life with less fear. Anyone with PDN should at least consider experiencing the device in the trial!”

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