Free Group Classes

Virtual Chair: Stretch, Strengthen, Balance Free Class!

Thursdays from 1:00 – 1:30 pm via Zoom

If you have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, this 30-minute class – which you can take once a week – is perfect for you. Seated in a chair, we begin by focusing on our breathing patterns and releasing the diaphragm, lengthening our neck and shoulder muscles … and improving the mobility of our spine, hips and lower back. We then use the back of the chair for balancing exercises. We also use resistance bands or light weights to perform simple strengthening exercises for our arms and legs. Adaptations can be made if you have limited range of motion.


  • A smartphone or computer with internet connection to join the class via Zoom
  • Open floor space
  • A sturdy chair with a back
  • A stretchy resistance band, light weights or 2 soup cans

Once you are registered, CLICK HERE to join the class and follow the prompts. Please log on before 1:00 pm and wait for the instructor to begin class.

One-on-One Classes

In-Person Sessions (Personal Training)

Get private, one-on-one instruction with a personal trainer assistant. Sessions and packages are personalized based on your goals and preferences.


  • 45-minute session: $65
  • Package ONE: Ten 45-minute sessions: $550 ($45 per session)
  • Package TWO: Five 45-minute sessions: $300 ($45 per session)

To purchase and schedule your session(s), please call us at 973.987.6363. A credit card is required for payment.