Meet New Jersey’s Only
Board-Certified Neuro-Oncologists

Dr. Nicholas Metrus and Dr. Robert Aiken are New Jersey’s only board-certified neuro oncologists. Both are both under the same roof at The Gerald J. Glasser Brain Tumor Center at Atlantic Health System.

What is a Neuro-Oncologist?

Unlike a medical oncologist who treats all forms of cancer, a neuro-oncologist is specifically trained to treat cancers of the brain and tumors of the nervous system. This includes primary tumors that originated in the brain – and tumors that metastasize to the brain from outside the central nervous system.

When do You Need One?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diagnosed with a brain tumor, neuro-oncologists can expertly manage the seizures, headaches and many other neurological complications that may accompany it. Board-certified neurologists who are trained in the management of all neurological conditions, Drs. Metrus and Aiken are your “one-stop-shop” for your brain tumor treatment and symptom management.

What else Makes Neuro-Oncologists Unique?

Drs. Metris and Aiken bring a specialized lens to reviewing the complex CT and MRI imaging used to follow brain tumors. Since these scans are primarily composed of blacks, whites and shades of gray, changes on the scans – and different causes – often look very similar. They review each scan independently, either confirming the radiologist’s report – or providing a different perspective. They review it with you, helping you understand what each change may mean.

In addition, they are specially trained to treat “paraneoplastic disorders.” These conditions – caused by non-neurological tumors that do not appear to involve the brain or spine on CT scans or MRI – can cause neurological complications.

  • There are only 285 board-certified neuro-oncologists in the United States – and only two in the state of New Jersey. Both are both under the same roof at The Gerald J. Glasser Brain Tumor Center: Dr. Nicholas Metrus and Dr. Robert Aiken.

  • To become a board-certified neuro-oncologist, a doctor must have background training in neurology or oncology … then complete a fellowship in the field of neuro oncology … and pass a United Council of Neurologic Subspecialties’ specialty-specific board exam.