Physician Field Liaison

Position Summary                   

A core selling responsibility of the liaison is to prospect with local primary and specialty physicians to increase the number of patients the physicians refer to Altair Health facilities. The liaison must meet with physicians in the local market and promote Altair services.

In addition to serving as a liaison between the facility and physicians, the physician liaison also manages relationships between general physicians and specialists. The liaison helps doctors build and maintain relationships with referring Physicians so they can confidently refer patients to the right specialist for care and treatment

Essential Functions and Responsibilities  

  • Develop relationships with all referring offices current and future ( office visits , lunches , dinners attend health fairs and other community based forums
  • Work with marketing to roll out new information about the group and all new additional physicians and any changes made that will benefit referral bases
  • Executes initiatives related to increasing loyalty and preference to Altair health
  • Develops and implements an ongoing method of profiling and monitoring market areas to identify demographic, competitors
  • Advocates for initiatives aimed at improving processes related to referrals (i.e. increase convenience for referring providers to contact a practice)
  • Gathers and interprets the data necessary to determine priority areas for growing referrals
  • Arrange and lead public relations campaigns and other awareness efforts so the local community views the facility in a positive light.
  • Distribute all collateral to all referring offices


  • 3-5 years of Physician Liaison experience
  • Possesses outstanding interpersonal skills, including excellent written and verbal skills
  • Demonstrates ability to use persuasive communication, leadership, and relationship-building
  • Demonstrates good organizational skills in the preparation of daily work schedules and the assignment of duties and responsibilities
  • Ability to effectively work with and through physicians, subordinates, customers, and other personnel in a cooperative, collaborative manner in order to improve provider and/or patient satisfaction
  • Ability to analyze data; aptitude for mathematics and statistics
  • Ability to efficiently and effectively manage multiple tasks
  • Will be a field base position so on the road 75% of the time
Department: administrative
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: New Jersey
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