Completely Freed Julio Reyes from Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

After suffering from painful diabetic neuropathy for 15 years, Julio Reyes finally found relief with HFX™ for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy (PDN).

In his quest to be freed from the burning pain in both legs and feet, Julio was on Cymbalta for years. “However, nothing was reducing my pain, and I had immense difficulty sleeping, walking and with general activities like going up the stairs,” he shares.

Julio finally consulted Dr. Jagjeet Singh at Altair Health. Together, they decided to try Nevro’s HFX therapy on a trial basis. During the week-long trial, Julio wore a temporary device that delivered low levels of electricity directly into his spinal cord to relieve his pain. He experienced 80% relief of his neuropathy symptoms and immediately opted for the permanent implant.

Since getting the implant on January 12, 2022, Julio has had 100% relief of his neuropathy symptoms. He has been able to go back to biking and walking outside, both of which he had stopped. When asked what he can do thanks to HFX therapy, Julio responded, “EVERYTHING!”

“I no longer have burning in my feet, and I’ve noticed improvement in my sensation and ability to stand. I also see a decrease in my left foot drop, which has helped my balance and walking. If you have success with the trial, I highly suggest getting the permanent implant,” Julio concludes.

For more information or to request a call back, visit altairhealth.com/pdn.