The Apollo™ System

Apollo is an innovative new surgical tool that enables minimally invasive removal of deeply seated tissue and fluids in the brain during a single, efficient operation. With combined use of an endoscope and image guidance, the Apollo System allows decompression and removal of otherwise inoperable blood clots deep in the brain, among other uses.

The Apollo System is the result of decades of research and development work in the field of advanced aspiration and vibrational energytechnology by researchers at Penumbra. Advanced aspiration technology was first developed and perfected in the field of acute ischemic stroke where blood clots inside the arteries of the brain are starving brain tissue of vital oxygen and nutrients. The Apollo System adds internal energy generation to a specialized advanced aspiration tool to surgically address deep bleeding in the brain, a particularly devastating form of acute hemorrhagic stroke.

The Apollo System combines vacuum, irrigation, and a proprietary internal vibrational energy to ensure rapid fluid and tissue removal during minimally invasive neurosurgery through the smallest possible channel without clogging. The Apollo System is used for the controlled aspiration of tissue and/or fluid during surgery of the Ventricular System. The Apollo disposable wand is inserted through the working channel of a neuroendoscopic trocar.