A New Patient Experience

Altair Health not only offers you comprehensive spine care, we offer you a new patient experience.

As a patient of Altair Health, you have convenient access to all of the specialties needed for evaluating and treating your spine condition – whether minor or highly complex – within one integrated healthcare system. And, you have the expertise of Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists, the largest neurosurgical practice in New Jersey and a founding member of Altair Health, as they steer our efforts to take the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of spine conditions to the next level.

A team of experts – including neurosurgeons, physical therapists, pain management specialists, clinical psychologists, physiatrists, acupuncturists, wellness specialists and more – manage your care from start to finish.

This end-to-end care navigation removes any confusion and uncertainty you may have, as well as ensure uninterrupted care and the continual flow of your patient information.

We use data from numerous registries, including the National Neurosurgical Quality Outcomes Database, that measure the quality and efficacy of common spinal and neurosurgical procedures to help determine your best course of action for the best outcome.

You have convenient access to all Altair Health resources and services at Altair Health facilities. You’ll no longer have to look for best-in-class physical therapy centers and the like on your own.