Physiatry. A holistic approach.

For those who suffer from aches, numbness or tingling that impacts physical functioning, figuring out how and where to start on a treatment plan can be confusing. Being evaluated by a physiatrist is a great place to turn.

Altair physiatrists take a holistic approach to addressing medical conditions. They consider every aspect of a patient’s life, such as their role at work, everyday activities, psychological and emotional aspects, and more. Because of this, our physiatrists offer invaluable perspective in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injuries involving the nerves, bones, muscles, and brain.

The goal of our physiatry department is to improve the overall quality of life and well-being of those who suffer from a debilitating medical condition, like back pain.

Diagnostics & Treatment

Altair physiatrists will begin the diagnostic process with a detailed examination of the patient’s musculoskeletal system and any pre-existing medical conditions that contribute to the patient’s current state.

Our physiatrists look at the patient’s condition from multiple angles while treating problems in a conservative manner.

A main focal point of Altair physiatry is to educate patients about their diagnosis and condition. We value their multi-faceted outlook on medicine and the holistic approach to the musculoskeletal system including the spine.

Based on your diagnosis, our physiatrists will usually proceed with one of the following:

  • Exercise therapy, as well as setting the patient up with a physical therapy regimen.
  • Offering medical counsel to patients, including ways to improve their overall health.
  • Recommending minimally invasive injections to affected structures within the body. These treatments help with pain and will ideally restore function to affected areas.
  • Recommending alternative therapies (such as acupuncture or tai chi), often with added psychosocial support.

Altair Health physiatrists are all about being minimally invasive as well as emotionally and mentally accommodating. In the event that your physiatrist believes that surgery is truly necessary, he or she will recommend you to a specialist.

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  • Physiatrists are all about staying away from surgical treatments when possible.

  • Physiatrists offer a unique integrative perspective to musculoskeletal care incorporating sports medicine, orthopedic, neurology and medical knowledge base to create a tailored program for each patient.
  • By leveraging innovative technology and the body’s natural ability to repair itself, we help our patients get back to their lifestyles as quickly as possible.
electrodiagnostic (EDX) testing

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