Your Back.

It can make the difference between a great day, a great week, a great year … and a not so great one.

Not only can back pain be debilitating … the health of your spine is critical to the health of your entire body.

At the Altair Health Spine & Wellness Center, we have your back. Like we did for the 69-year-old who could have been permanently paralyzed from a traumatic spinal cord injury. Instead, he’s walking, using his arms and hands … and is well on the road to recovery.

And the 34-year-old teacher whose emergency neck surgery preserved her ability to walk.

As one of the nation’s first physician-managed healthcare systems devoted to comprehensive spine care, Altair Health is taking the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of spine conditions to the next level.

Our Specialties

We provide the full gamut of spine care … so you get every treatment option available in one place. From Spine surgery to physical therapy, pain management, physiatry, therapeutic yoga, massage therapy and more … our holistic approach to your wellness gets you back to your best. Our neurosurgeons treat a broad range of spinal disorders – from compression fractures and degenerative disc disease to herniated discs, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis, tumors and more.

We only recommend surgery when conservative non-operative measures have failed. When surgery is needed – and it’s possible – we use minimally invasive techniques.

Our Team

Together, our team of physicians and clinicians from numerous specialties leverage the power of integrated, evidence-based care – and guide patients through every step of their treatment – to improve outcomes. Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists (ANS), the largest neurosurgical practice in New Jersey and one of the most advanced in the country, is driving Altair Health’s efforts to deliver next-generation spine care.

  • We’re changing the way we treat patients based on “Big Data,” a powerful tool that helps us identify the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

  • We are at the cutting edge of spine care – from artificial cervical disc replacements … to minimal access tubular surgery … using O-arm robotic technology in spinal fusion surgery … and offering minimally invasive fusion surgery.

  • We focus on increasing function and improving quality of life by treating spine disorders using innovative non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Questions about the Altair Health Spine & Wellness Center?