Virtual Physical Therapy and Wellness for the Win:

How Telehealth is Enabling Patients Like Steve Delman to Continue PT Progress Online

As if having four surgeries in three years wasn’t enough, Steve Delman, 73, was forced to stop his in-person physical therapy sessions due to COVID-19, just when he was beginning to get some relief from back spasms that were limiting his sleep and quality of life. Fortunately, Altair Health’s telehealth program meant he didn’t need to give up on his progress while he stayed safe at home.

Chris Jiron, personal trainer at Altair Health, guides Steve Delman through virtual physical therapy to continue the progress he began making with in-person PT sessions.

“After three ankle surgeries and a laminectomy [back surgery] to resolve an issue with two discs in my lower back, I wasn’t walking very well. I was also having muscle spasms as the soft tissue in my back was healing after surgery,” Steve explains. “I had been going to physical therapy but I wasn’t making any sustainable progress, so my physiatrist, Kara Allen, DO, suggested I try working with the team at Altair Health Physical Therapy.”

Steve began PT with Michael Lampman, DPT, Director of Physical Therapy at Altair Health Physical Therapy, one month before the COVID-19 lockdown went into effect. In a matter of weeks, Steve was making great strides.

“The difference working with Altair Health Physical Therapy was incredible,” says Steve. “Most physical therapists I’ve seen work on strengthening the area that’s injured, but Dr. Lampman and his team discovered my problem wasn’t strength; it was alignment. One of my hips was higher than the other, throwing my whole body out of alignment, making me limp and causing pain. By focusing on what I really needed to work on, I was finally able to start getting back to normal.”

At his last in-person appointment at the end of March, Steve was excited to share the news that he hadn’t had any spasms in the six days prior to the session – relief he says he hadn’t experienced in quite some time.

“Naturally I was concerned I would lose this forward momentum without PT sessions in person, but let me tell you – it’s absolutely amazing how much you can do in your living room with a therapist on the computer,” he shares.

At Dr. Lampman’s recommendation, Steve continued his therapy through online sessions with personal trainer Chris Jiron three times per week and physical therapist assistant Lisa Coscia, PTA, CYT two times per week.

“I can’t believe the improvement in my walking,” Steve says. “I now go outside and walk two miles before breakfast and two miles before dinner. As far as the pain, I can’t believe how good I feel. It’s sensational.”

According to Steve, the icing on the cake is how easy coordinated care makes the whole process.

“Without needing to do anything additional on my end, I know Chris and Lisa are constantly communicating about my needs and progress, collaboratively planning my path forward and always on the same page as one integrated team,” he adds. “There’s so much to be said for that.”