Is the TOPS™ System – an alternative to spinal fusion – right for you?

Do you have degenerative spondylolisthesis or spinal stenosis and suffer from:

  • Radiating leg pain?
  • Greater leg / buttock pain than back pain?
  • Severe pain when walking as little as 2 minutes?
  • Pain that reduces when sitting, bending forward or leaning over a shopping cart?

You may qualify for the TOPS™ clinical trial.

TOPS™, or Total Posterior Arthroplasty System, is a screw-based implant that serves as an alternative to traditional spinal fusion. Instead of locking vertebrae together through fusion, the device stabilizes the vertebral segment while still allowing normal motion in all directions.

TOPS™ has been commercially available in Europe, the UK, Australia and elsewhere since 2012. This study is part of the process for brining TOPS™ to patients in the United States.

If you meet the criteria for the study, you’ll have a unique opportunity to potentially receive an innovative new device that may not only help correct your underlying spinal condition, but also help restore your range of motion.

Learn more and see if you qualify to enroll.

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